I'm in pursuit of making the world a better place

Human connection is everything.

My vision is of a world where everyone, stranger or otherwise, give to one another, without reason.

So will you join me?

Together, all our small contributions to each other will add up to a big change in our world.

To help instigate a domino effect of generosity, give out one of the cards below after your random act of kindness.

Your impact could be so large that a card you gave out could travel the world and come straight back to you.


Where can I get these cards?

I will send them to you absolutely FREE (regardless of where in the world you are)!

Your postal information will only be used for the purposes of sending you these cards, then erased immediately.

Front of Card

Back of Card




I also care about the environment, so although it is more expensive, the cards are made from recycled matte.

Lets change the world for the better together!

These videos are by Stuart Edge.

Remember, it can be as simple as offering to share an umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day.