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Behind The Scenes


Covers & Remixes

If you cover or remix any of my songs, then send me a link and I will put it on this website.
It can be as simple as singing over the instrumental or as complex as re-imaging the entire song.

The song is 125bpm and modulates between C major & A minor.


(Am F C G)
Do you remember, when we met?
It was November, I'll never forget.
So take me back to my only regret,
And sing this with me, as a duet.

Beside you, all I felt was bliss,
Then I mistakenly dodged your kiss.
If there's a next time you won't miss,
Now all I do is reminisce...

(C G Am F)
Every morning sun,
I'll think of you,
Rewind and rerun,
Memories of you.

Every morning sun...

Your smile, can I see it again?
It's worthwhile, puts me in zen.
Had me feel so loved just for a day,
I wish somehow I could, have you stay.

As you left, next time you depart,
Don't commit theft, and steal my heart.

(C G Am Em, F C G C)
And even with this unrest,
I wish you,
I wish you,
I wish you all the best...

Every morning sun,
I'll think of you,
Rewind and rerun,
Memories of you.

(Am Dm G C, Am F C G7)
Meeting you, was a night in heaven
All I'm left with, now is depression.
To waste, goes my affection,
Goodbye my beautiful obsession.

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